Connect Questionnaires and Letters of Consent (LoC) to a Service

How to connect and fill the Questionnaires and LoCs after booking

Connect Questionnaires and LoC to a Service

  • You can select Questionnaires that include Health Questionnaires, Aesthetic Interests, Covid-19 Questionnaires, and Custom Questionnaires while adding a new service.
  • You can choose to link LoC to a service that the patient needs to sign during booking.
  • While you will do a booking from the booking portal then after filling in the client’s details the selected Questionnaire and LoC options are displayed and then the client will select it and fill it then to do a booking.
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  • If you don’t fill out the Questionnaires or LoC during the booking then you will get a reminder of Questionnaires or LoC to fill on your email.
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