How to use the Registration Portal

How to set up the registration portal

The ‘Registration Portal’ allows your clients (patients) to fill out their personal information. After they have filled out their personal information, it will be stored in their record for future treatment.

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Note: You can copy and paste the link into the preferred messaging platform. Link it on your homepage or social media or include it in the booking confirmation the client receives when booking a treatment.



These are the set of questions that the clients are meant to answer about their general health and other related issues. You can view the questionnaires before activating them.

Custom questionnaires can be edited to accommodate other useful information that you wish to ask the client. You edit, create new and delete custom questionnaires from the “Custom Questionnaire” in the Menu Bar.

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Note:  The changes made in the ‘Questionnaire’ icon will be reflected in the ‘Registration Portal.’

Mandatory Fields

Here you select what personal information you want your clients to fill out to complete the registration.

Custom Mandatory fields can also be added if needed.

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Note:  The ‘Questionnaire’ icon in the main menu offers the same features. It allows you to select pre-designed questionnaires, create custom questionnaires, edit the title, and do everything deemed necessary. You can also proceed to add or remove mandatory fields.

Clicking the Link


Clicking the URL link will take your client to the registration portal where the name and the logo of the company is already displayed.

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  • Choose the preferred language
  • New clients will provide personal information and profile picture
  • Clients will proceed to answer questionnaires (that you have selected) and the mandatory fields where the client will provide necessary information about their general Well-being.
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  • They will be required to consent to the processing of their personal information
  • Click on Save and Finish
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Note:   Clients can only register their email (ID) Once. If they try to register an already registered email, they will receive an error: “Please enter a unique email”.Users can always edit client’s profiles and update their email.

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