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How to navigate the system

Welcome to MERIDIQ!

Below is an introduction and a guide through the system and its features. You will also find useful links to support articles for each function where you can learn more about how they work. MERIDIQ can be used on any smart device that is still supported by its supplier.

The login page Go to and in the upper right corner you have the login page or go directly to:

Log in with your e-mail and password.

Home page

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From the Home page, you see an overview of the MERDIQ menu and your clients. You navigate through MERIDIQ and its features using the left menu.


The client's view is the core of MERIDIQ, from this view, you have a complete list of all your registered clients. There are filter options that you can use and you can merge clients or add more clients manually. Here you have access to each of your client's dashboards. To learn more about creating a record, signing consent, and using other nice features for your clients go to Clients to read all about them.

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Record System

From the Record Systems menu, you have all the options and features for your Record System. Here you configure your Registration Portal, Custom Questionnaire, Letters of Consent, Templates, and your Record Configurations.

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Booking System

From the Booking Systems menu, you can view your booking and create your Schedule for you and your colleagues. Share your Booking Page with clients, add your Services and, manage your Booking Configurations.

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General Settings and Billing

From this view you have access to your Team, General Settings (including Billing), Upgrade your Plan, and read our Support articles. For a more in-depth reading visit our General Settings & Billing section

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