Create a MERIDIQ account

How to create an account

To get started with MERIDIQ you will need to create an account. This is free and you can reach the registration page from our website. Once you click on Register (upper right corner) you will be prompted to create an account:

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  • Select the preferred language between English and Swedish
  • Fill in the requested information:
    • Enter your E-mail address
    • Enter and confirm the Password
    • Select the “I'm not a robot” checkbox
    • Click Create an account
Note: This e-mail will become the super-user of the account

Set up your account

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Continue to set up the account by filling out your personal and company details:

  • Enter your First Name and Last Name in the appropriate boxes
  • Provide your Company Name
  • Select the Number of Employees and Country
  • Click on Start Journey

Select your subscription

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After registering the company, you will be taken to the subscription page. Here you will select your subscription package. The Free version allows unlimited time for one (1) user and twenty (20) clients. For the paid version, MERIDIQ allows one user and up to 500 clients per tier.

Note: You can upgrade at any time to get more users and clients to your account

Select the subscription that suits your needs by dragging the line bar to the desired amount of users. Once you agree with the details, click on the “Select” box. Payment will be initiated and you are obliged to fill out your payment details including VAT.

After payment is verified (just takes a couple of seconds) you will automatically be logged in to your MERIDIQ solution and can start working. Good work!

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